The Focus Game®

The Focus Game is a fun, mindful board game for the whole family. Go on an adventure through the deeper parts of the brain as you face Focus Challenges that only a clever and focused mind can solve! Focus and predict number, color, or shape before ever rolling the dice. Correctly answer Brain Trivia questions and learn all about your very cool brain! Name the playing card’s suit and number before turning it over, and more. With every mindful focus and correct answer, collect myelin points for your game neurons – Have fun while increasing your Focus Power!

“Attention is under attack nowadays. Children (and adults) are bombarded by technology, media, and an ever-moving world that seems to never sit still. The Focus Game® is a mindful brain game designed to help solve this problem. Teach your children to be mindful, to Pause, Focus, Create, and Reflect in a playful manner.”

Sonya El Debssi (Creator of The Focus Game®)

The Focus Gamegame box